Sunday, December 21, 2008


Doesn't need any words......

Tanhayee Tanhayee
Dil Ke Raaste Mein
Kaisi Thokar Maine Khaayi
Toote Khwaab Saare Ek Mayusi Hai Chhayi
Har Khushi So Gayi Zindagi Kho Gayi

Tumko Jo Pyaar Kiya Maine To Saza Maine Paayi
Tanhayee Tanhayee
Milo Hai Faili Huvi Tanhayee
Tanhayee Tanhayee
Milo Hai Fali Hoye Tanhayee

Khwaab Mein Dekha Tha Ek Aanchal Maine Apne Haatho Mein
Ab Toote Sapno Ke Shishe Chubte Hai In Aankhon Mein
Khwaab Mein Dekha Tha Ek Aanchal Maine Apne Haatho Mein
Ab Toote Sapno Ke Shishe Chubte Hai In Aankhon Mein
Kal Koyi Tha Yahin Ab Koyi Bhi Nahin
Ban Ke Naagin Jaise Hai Saason Mein Lehrayi
Tanhayee Tanhayee
Palko Pe Kitne Aansoon Hai Laayi
Tanhayee Tanhayee
Palko Pe Kitne Aansoon Hai Laayi

Kyon Aisi Umeed Ki Maine Jo Aisi Naakaam Huvi
Door Banayi Thi Manzil To Raste Mein Hi Shaam Huvi

Kyon Aisi Umeed Ki Maine Jo Aisi Naakaam Huvi
Door Banayi Thi Manzil To Raste Mein Hi Shaam Huvi
Ab Kahan Jaao Main
Kisi Ko Samjaon Main
Kya Maine Chaha Tha Aur
Kyon Kismat Main Aayi

Tanhayee Tanhayee
Jaise Andhero Ki Ho Gehrayi

Dil Ke Raaste Mein
Kaisi Thokar Maine Khaayi
Toote Khwaab Saare Ek Mayusi Hai Chhayi
Har Khushi So Gayi Zindagi Kho Gayi
Tumko Jo Pyaar Kiya Maine To Saza Maine Paayi
Tanhayee Tanhayee
Milo Hai Faili Huvi Tanhayee
Tanhayee Tanhayee
Milo Hai Fali Hoye Tanhayee

Tanhayee Tanhayee
Tanhayee Tanhayee

P.S.: Sentences in lyrics emphasized deliberately

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Coming to a Foreign Land - The first month

Why did I come here? That's the question I'm trying to answer since I have arrived in US (almost going to be a month now). Ofcourse, there's an official purpose - education and a good career afterwards. But before coming here I had numerous other reasons for being here. Maybe after coming here, I've forgot most of those. One of them being to make myself stronger internally - spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Also, somewhere inside me I wished experience a life without the leisurely comforts I have been used too; obviously it was very stupid to think so.

My first few days were really bad. It was a complete change of life for me. I had to do the daily chores which I hadn't done ever before. Adjusting to this was difficult and it took time to get used to it. Also, one of the most distressing thing was that I could not do my daily Paath and Hukamnama routine. I did start doing Paath after 2-3 days, but still there was something missing. I didn't had a laptop, so taking a hukamnama was almost impossible. I got my laptop after 5-6 days; but it took me around 12-15 days before I could get back to my routine. But... (I don't know what to say...) Still, I feel deprived of something; maybe my Gurdwara routine.

Another reason for my distress is my roommates. I guess, I have chosen wrong roommates to live with. They are not like me; and I can't definitely become like them. They drink and one of them was a surd who has cut his hair. I have friends who drink and had thought I would be able to live with people who do so. But the only thing they have to talk about is drinks, sex and none of their sentence is complete without a abusive word. I had wished companionship of 'Sat Sangat' (good people) and I had to live with people like these. I never even maintained acquaintance with people like these and now I'm in a situation where I have to live with them. There's nothing I can really do about it and was afraid that I don't take any of their bad habits.

But then, as always, there was the power of Gurbani to help me out. A katha by Prof. Darshan Singh Ji of the shabad 'Jo-Jo Dise So-So Rogi' came across my mind. I had listened to it several times, while driving. In this Prof. sahib metaphorically describes a Sikh's life as that of a sandalwood tree. He says that the poisonous snakes can never harm the fragrance of sandalwood, instead the sandalwood still spreads its aroma inspite of being surrounded by those snakes. Similarly, a Sikhs life can't be harmed by bad people, rather they spread their own fragrance. This one example gave me strength. I try to fill my inner mind with the chants of Waheguru whenever I hear a abusive word from them. Ofcourse, its not always possible; but still I try. Maybe that may help me keep-off acquiring some bad habits. Its not that I myself don't have any bad habits, I agree that I do have many - infact a plethora of them but am always (maybe, sometimes or maybe, a very few times) trying to improve.

One of the most disturbing thing while living here is the feeling of loneliness. Back home, I had a great support system of my family and friends. Out here, there's no-one with whom I can talk. Sometimes I feel that where have I come. There's nothing out here, just a laptop with which you have to hang out in your room. I do talk with my family almost daily, but can't share everything with them; else they may take tension. I do call up a few friends sometimes but the time-difference and their schedules usually restrict me of the opportunities I can get to talk with them. This feeling of solitude sometimes takes such a large toll that it haunts incessantly. I sometimes feel that, I should leave everything out here and go back "home". And yes, there's a certain positive thing about all this - I have suddenly become more obedient of the advice/suggestions of my family members, which earlier I sometimes wouldn't agree upon.

What I am overall experiencing out here is a miserable state of mind. "Miserable" also looks like a euphemism to describe it; it almost feels like I've come from heaven to hell. Here is a couplet which comes to my mind:
Jadon Na Kuch, Vikhe Agge
Taayion Banda, Vekhe Pichhe

(When the future looks unclear; only then a person looks back and relishes his past)

P.S.: I was in a deplorable state of mind when I started writing this post. (So, I really don't know what all have I written in it and where it came from. The post maybe incoherent and ungrammatical.) But, after spitting out everything I am feeling a lot better.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I cry alone...

I cry alone, I cry alone
In the wilderness of broken hopes
I know its stupid to cry
But its better than being sly

I don't want to live
I don't want to die
It feels like my life has dried
Loneliness prevailing as my friend

Darkness makes me happy
I’m frightened by the light
Its weird how the circumstances arrange
And the conventional feelings change

Now these pugnacious feelings arouse
I kick on the bed, I punch on my face
Trying to suppress my emotions
By having this physical pain

I lie apart and close my eyes
I try to move astray, imaginations going wild
Then, a tear flows down the narrow lane
Reminding me about that awful pain

I pray to the Almighty to help me out
It gives me hope and sanguinity sprouts
The eyes are numb, the lips are dry
Life gives challenges, but I have to try

--------- P.S. ---------

These words have been spurted out of a disproportionate me
After a long haul of events that happened with me
This attempt to write a poem is the first I've tried
And by the grace of God, its something I liked

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Past Few Years

So, I am finally writing another post after a long haul of hibernation. A couple of months back when I wrote a post which included the title of the forthcoming posts, I had thought that I would write all those posts in a matter of a few weeks. But this lazy creature has a habit of procrastinating his tasks. So, if anyone had read the last post and had been waiting for the other posts, I'm sorry for the delay (though, I know no one is reading this blog). I am just wrote the above crap because I felt like writing it. Don't kill me if it irritated you, try to bear with me with the rest of this post. The actual post starts from the next para.

hmm... the past few years... The past few years have been really exciting in my journey of life. There has been a lot of things I did in these years. Had been through great times and some sad moments too. Have a lot to share but there are constraints on how much I could write. Quantifying the word 'few' here - I'm talking about the past 3.5 to 4 years since I started my bachelors degree.

Starting from the professional front. Professionally, I felt like being blessed throughout. I was always there at the right place, at the right time. There have been situations when I thought that I have not achieved what I desired; but eventually everytime I realized what I got was better than what I was aiming for. So, its better to leave situations on God to handle; he would always give you the best.

I have been very active in the co-curricular activities. I got some excellent opportunities to enhance my skills - many positions involving leadership, positions which made my nourish my team skills, interpersonal skills and took my confidence level to new heights.

There was an opportunity which as too good to be true. I was offered to lead a large portal to be launched and promoted by India's biggest media house. But there were reasons that made me decline this offer. First, it was something that was not aligned to my goals. Second, it was kind-of promoting a concept which takes people away from God and make them superstitious.

Something which I really cherish is that I started earning. From the past 1.5 years, I earned a good amount of money by working part-time. I developed an innovative marketing strategy and got some great ROIs. In this case the only investment I had put in was time and my skills. Earning money while studying has been a great experience. I have been able to manage most of my expenses myself. I paid my final year fees, I managed my expenses for applying for masters, a few daily expenses and have also managed to invest a few bucks.

Now coming to the spiritual experiences during this time. I had some great enlightening experiences during this time. I continued my routine of doing 'Japuji Sahib' daily. Added Chaupai Sahib and 5 pauris of Anand Sahib. Occasionally, I did 'Jaap Sahib', 'Rehraas Sahib' and other baanis.
Also, I started reading the english translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It took me quite a lot of time (about a year and a half; maybe more) to complete it. I made my routine to take a 'hukamnama' from the English translation and then read atleast 1-2 pages daily. I also started taking the punjabi hukamnama from Golden Temple with its english translation. Getting the message from SGGS really effected me in a great way. I came to understand more about life and righteous living.

There have been some very subtle changes too in my life(style) during the these past years. One, I am no more a brand freak. There had been times in the past when there was not a single non-branded item in my wardrobe. I donned some of the most expensive and sought after brands. Now, I don't care much about the brands thanks to the people around me. Though, I still have a preference for some of these brands.
Two, I started eating food shared with others (jhoota; don't think there's an english word for it). This is something I still hate to do, but somehow in my current environment its like normal. But still, everytime I do it, its on my mind. Its something I would like to leave again and may be I'll do.
Three, now I sometimes drive very rashly. Earlier, I always used to drive in a very composed manner. But, now sometimes due to lack of time and sometimes for shear fun, I drive very rash. I have tried to control this and have been a bit successful.

There have been many other things which I can't think of now. I really don't know why I wrote all this stuff here. Maybe, the reason is similar to why people write diaries.Perhaps, someday I would come back here to cherish my old memories. Possibly, I may just try to analyze myself and improve. Whatever may be I think, I have somewhat opened up myself as a book. Lets see what comes off my other posts!

Friday, January 04, 2008

A Resurrection of this Blog

It has been a very long time since I last posted on this blog. I had somewhat lost interest in posting on this blog, maybe due to the reason that no one was reading it. Somehow, now I have an urge to restart writing on this blog and don't care if someone reads or not. I would be writing for myself to understand the convolutions of this life. Its difficult to understand Its sometimes very baffling to comprehend the nature of events surrounding our lives. I covet to grok my own self and the world around me through this blog.

During this long interval, since I last wrote on this blog, there have been numerous occasions when I wanted to repost on this blog. There are still some posts on the draft section of this blog, which I never completed. I would write in abridge about a few things I wished to post in the past.

A long time back, I was traveling on a bus and was comfortably seated. At midway, an old man boarded the bus, but he couldn't find a seat for himself. Seeing this, a thought ran in my mind and it reminded me of a verse of Gurbaani, which I had read from the English Translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the previous evening. I don't exactly remember the verse, but the essence was that we should always help the poor and needy and work towards humanity. That moment, I courteously got up and offered the old man my seat. This incidence was the first time I conscientiously followed the teaching of the Guru. It felt great and seemed like the Guru himself came and told me what to do at that moment.

I had started writing a post titled 'Hypocrite Mortals'. Everyone around us do have certain hypocrisies and its really difficult to know everything about a person. The hypocrite traits I'm talking about are not necessarily bad ones. People do have good things hidden in themselves which they do not wish to exhibit in this seemingly bad world. Their expressions are precluded by the thoughts of having an unfavorable reaction from the people around them. This is one of the hard realities of this world where people get compelled to hide their goodness from the fear of being treated as insane.

This blog could have also seen a post titled, 'Walking as a Sikh'. Donning a Sikh identity do makes us look different from the people around us, but it also makes us identifiable as a part of the Sikh community. This shoulders an additional responsibility on us as our actions reflect the image of the entire community. Its similar to being a part of any group/organization and how people identify you on the basis of knowing others in the same group. Each Sikh should keep in mind the large group of people he is representing while performing any activity.

There were many more such things, which I wished to post, but was too buzy (or maybe, too lazy) to post them. I do have some posts in my mind which would follow this post in the next few weeks. Most of these posts would be a kinda analysis of a few past events. I am mentioning the titles of these posts to keep myself on track of being regular with this blog:
  • The Past Few Years
  • Hum Nahi Chan-ge, Bura Nahi Koe
  • An Ideal Match
  • Laws of Attraction: Part I
  • Laws of Attraction: Part II