Friday, January 04, 2008

A Resurrection of this Blog

It has been a very long time since I last posted on this blog. I had somewhat lost interest in posting on this blog, maybe due to the reason that no one was reading it. Somehow, now I have an urge to restart writing on this blog and don't care if someone reads or not. I would be writing for myself to understand the convolutions of this life. Its difficult to understand Its sometimes very baffling to comprehend the nature of events surrounding our lives. I covet to grok my own self and the world around me through this blog.

During this long interval, since I last wrote on this blog, there have been numerous occasions when I wanted to repost on this blog. There are still some posts on the draft section of this blog, which I never completed. I would write in abridge about a few things I wished to post in the past.

A long time back, I was traveling on a bus and was comfortably seated. At midway, an old man boarded the bus, but he couldn't find a seat for himself. Seeing this, a thought ran in my mind and it reminded me of a verse of Gurbaani, which I had read from the English Translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the previous evening. I don't exactly remember the verse, but the essence was that we should always help the poor and needy and work towards humanity. That moment, I courteously got up and offered the old man my seat. This incidence was the first time I conscientiously followed the teaching of the Guru. It felt great and seemed like the Guru himself came and told me what to do at that moment.

I had started writing a post titled 'Hypocrite Mortals'. Everyone around us do have certain hypocrisies and its really difficult to know everything about a person. The hypocrite traits I'm talking about are not necessarily bad ones. People do have good things hidden in themselves which they do not wish to exhibit in this seemingly bad world. Their expressions are precluded by the thoughts of having an unfavorable reaction from the people around them. This is one of the hard realities of this world where people get compelled to hide their goodness from the fear of being treated as insane.

This blog could have also seen a post titled, 'Walking as a Sikh'. Donning a Sikh identity do makes us look different from the people around us, but it also makes us identifiable as a part of the Sikh community. This shoulders an additional responsibility on us as our actions reflect the image of the entire community. Its similar to being a part of any group/organization and how people identify you on the basis of knowing others in the same group. Each Sikh should keep in mind the large group of people he is representing while performing any activity.

There were many more such things, which I wished to post, but was too buzy (or maybe, too lazy) to post them. I do have some posts in my mind which would follow this post in the next few weeks. Most of these posts would be a kinda analysis of a few past events. I am mentioning the titles of these posts to keep myself on track of being regular with this blog:
  • The Past Few Years
  • Hum Nahi Chan-ge, Bura Nahi Koe
  • An Ideal Match
  • Laws of Attraction: Part I
  • Laws of Attraction: Part II