Sunday, September 08, 2013

And that's what happened...

There was a day when we crossed our paths
The meetings grew and we loved to talk
We used to talk even when we were oceans apart
Love was brewing in my heart
Her thoughts didn't let me stray
The smile on her face used to make my day
Then things changed and life took a turn
Uncertainty made the emotions burn
The path was unclear with glooming darkness
Though soon it seemed like destiny was trying to make its ways
The distance by land was getting short
But the hearts were growing apart
I expressed my feelings and proposed her
The response came that she wants someone better
Those words made my heart tear apart
Made me lament my own being of a sort
She was the one with whom I could speak my soul
Whenever I was down she was the one to console
Now here she was causing the ache
Making me feel everything was fake
No one could understand my groan
I realized I'm all alone...!

 - July 27, 2013

P.S.: Inspired by real-life incidents... Reflects a 7 year long story...