Thursday, April 10, 2008

I cry alone...

I cry alone, I cry alone
In the wilderness of broken hopes
I know its stupid to cry
But its better than being sly

I don't want to live
I don't want to die
It feels like my life has dried
Loneliness prevailing as my friend

Darkness makes me happy
I’m frightened by the light
Its weird how the circumstances arrange
And the conventional feelings change

Now these pugnacious feelings arouse
I kick on the bed, I punch on my face
Trying to suppress my emotions
By having this physical pain

I lie apart and close my eyes
I try to move astray, imaginations going wild
Then, a tear flows down the narrow lane
Reminding me about that awful pain

I pray to the Almighty to help me out
It gives me hope and sanguinity sprouts
The eyes are numb, the lips are dry
Life gives challenges, but I have to try

--------- P.S. ---------

These words have been spurted out of a disproportionate me
After a long haul of events that happened with me
This attempt to write a poem is the first I've tried
And by the grace of God, its something I liked