Monday, March 10, 2008

The Past Few Years

So, I am finally writing another post after a long haul of hibernation. A couple of months back when I wrote a post which included the title of the forthcoming posts, I had thought that I would write all those posts in a matter of a few weeks. But this lazy creature has a habit of procrastinating his tasks. So, if anyone had read the last post and had been waiting for the other posts, I'm sorry for the delay (though, I know no one is reading this blog). I am just wrote the above crap because I felt like writing it. Don't kill me if it irritated you, try to bear with me with the rest of this post. The actual post starts from the next para.

hmm... the past few years... The past few years have been really exciting in my journey of life. There has been a lot of things I did in these years. Had been through great times and some sad moments too. Have a lot to share but there are constraints on how much I could write. Quantifying the word 'few' here - I'm talking about the past 3.5 to 4 years since I started my bachelors degree.

Starting from the professional front. Professionally, I felt like being blessed throughout. I was always there at the right place, at the right time. There have been situations when I thought that I have not achieved what I desired; but eventually everytime I realized what I got was better than what I was aiming for. So, its better to leave situations on God to handle; he would always give you the best.

I have been very active in the co-curricular activities. I got some excellent opportunities to enhance my skills - many positions involving leadership, positions which made my nourish my team skills, interpersonal skills and took my confidence level to new heights.

There was an opportunity which as too good to be true. I was offered to lead a large portal to be launched and promoted by India's biggest media house. But there were reasons that made me decline this offer. First, it was something that was not aligned to my goals. Second, it was kind-of promoting a concept which takes people away from God and make them superstitious.

Something which I really cherish is that I started earning. From the past 1.5 years, I earned a good amount of money by working part-time. I developed an innovative marketing strategy and got some great ROIs. In this case the only investment I had put in was time and my skills. Earning money while studying has been a great experience. I have been able to manage most of my expenses myself. I paid my final year fees, I managed my expenses for applying for masters, a few daily expenses and have also managed to invest a few bucks.

Now coming to the spiritual experiences during this time. I had some great enlightening experiences during this time. I continued my routine of doing 'Japuji Sahib' daily. Added Chaupai Sahib and 5 pauris of Anand Sahib. Occasionally, I did 'Jaap Sahib', 'Rehraas Sahib' and other baanis.
Also, I started reading the english translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It took me quite a lot of time (about a year and a half; maybe more) to complete it. I made my routine to take a 'hukamnama' from the English translation and then read atleast 1-2 pages daily. I also started taking the punjabi hukamnama from Golden Temple with its english translation. Getting the message from SGGS really effected me in a great way. I came to understand more about life and righteous living.

There have been some very subtle changes too in my life(style) during the these past years. One, I am no more a brand freak. There had been times in the past when there was not a single non-branded item in my wardrobe. I donned some of the most expensive and sought after brands. Now, I don't care much about the brands thanks to the people around me. Though, I still have a preference for some of these brands.
Two, I started eating food shared with others (jhoota; don't think there's an english word for it). This is something I still hate to do, but somehow in my current environment its like normal. But still, everytime I do it, its on my mind. Its something I would like to leave again and may be I'll do.
Three, now I sometimes drive very rashly. Earlier, I always used to drive in a very composed manner. But, now sometimes due to lack of time and sometimes for shear fun, I drive very rash. I have tried to control this and have been a bit successful.

There have been many other things which I can't think of now. I really don't know why I wrote all this stuff here. Maybe, the reason is similar to why people write diaries.Perhaps, someday I would come back here to cherish my old memories. Possibly, I may just try to analyze myself and improve. Whatever may be I think, I have somewhat opened up myself as a book. Lets see what comes off my other posts!