Friday, July 21, 2006

Misunderstanding in Relationships

I was on a verge of loosing a good friend of mine due to some unknown misunderstandings between us. I would refer this friend as D, as I don't want to reveal her identity in public.

D & I became good friends since we joined college. We used to spent a lot of time together. But from the past few months, something just went wrong between the two of us. I just could not understand what happened, but both of us just stopped talking all of a sudden. Reaon, I don't know and I believe that even she didn't knew. Both of us behaved like strangers even if we would come across each other, which happened quite often.

It all started a few months back. Due to some reasons, we saw less of each other. There were days when we didn't got a chance to talk once a day, inspite of being in the same class. It felt like both of us were ignoring each other, while thinking back the reality seems that both of us were under the influence of the same misunderstanding. I'm still not sure that this would have been the reason or not.

But, something unexpected happened today. Due to some reason I went to college today (our summer breaks are going on) and to my surprise, the first person I met while entering the college was D. She was coming out of the college, while I was entering. Suddenly, everything became normal like before. Both of us spent time together, though just 10 minutes, it seemed that our friendship is as good as it had ever been. We talked like we usually did before. It appeared like nothing happened between us in the last few months. Everything was just normal as it should be. I am really happy to get back a friend, whom I had almost lost.

You would have seen how I was just on the verge of losing a good friend due to some misunderstanding that prevailed between both of us. Please don't let your relationships die due to misunderstandings. I have learnt a lesson but it was a hard way out. So, do talk clearly to the person you love and care about.

P.S.: Those who would be getting all sorts of thoughts about D and me, I would like to clarify that D is just a good friend of mine and a really sweet one.

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